What will you find in Qalby?


Prayer Times

Get notified when it’s time for solah. Select from local and international muadhin of your choice


Quran On the Go

Read Quran on the go and pick through a variety of reciters of Quran. With the save function, you can bookmark your favourite verses and easily access them when you open the app. You can also play The Quran  in lock screen mode.


Inspiring Daily Reminders

Need some Iman boosters? Our daily inspiration reminders are here to inspire and to boost your iman. Love them? Save the notifications to ‘my soul’ and share the khayr with others.


Extensive Collection of Dua and adhkar

Find the best dua to fit your circumstances and needs. Our dua’s are sourced from The Quran and The Sunnah.


Ilm finder

Nourish your mind and soul with our curated classes brought to you by QalbyApp’s official partners.



The E-journal is to help you organise your daily events and personal journaling. “My Heart” is for you to pause, reflect and express what is in your heart and mind, as Allah tells us in many places in the Quran, to reflect. You can also keep track of your curated acts of worship with our ‘Ibaadah Checklist’, tick off your to-do’s and strive for istiqamah in your ‘amal.

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What does the Qalby users say?

I am liking this app, so far. The layout is clean and organised. Easy on the eye as the design is clean and minimal, making it easy on the mind, too. I find that a layout filled with too much info and choices is a bit cluttered and overwhelming. Sorting them the way this app is doing is an excellent move. The addition of a task list and e-journal is a good call. Imagine attending a majlis tazkirah forgetting to bring a notebook and pen. Taraa! Can type your notes straight into the app. How convenient! I’m still a new user and still navigating my way through this app. I hope this app will only improve further but keeping true to its user-friendly, and no-fuss feature. I don’t mind paying a subscription fee for it. Kudos to the app developer team.


Thank you for developing an app that is very helpful. It surely delivers its tagline. The EJournal, My Heart: This is my favourite feature so far. It helps my depression and anxiety. I feel so content that I can write about my feelings closely to Quran verses. It give me another experience compared to other Gratitude Journal. I really enjoy the Qalby App, especially the EJournal, Ilm Finder and Ibadat Checklist. Qalby App is really different from any other Quran/Prayer apps out there.


I love the Qalby app..Firstly, because it’s a Malaysian born app ❤️❤️❤️ of course..masha Allah.. and also the fact that it’s so user friendly.. The E-Journal is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, I can fill in my daily appointments in the planner and also my daily journaling through my heart… not many apps have this feature ❤️ The Ilm finder also is absolutely brilliant! MashaAllah..jazakallah..Now there is finally an app in one place where I can see what islamic classes are available. Before, it was quite hard to get information details of classes unless u were already affiliated to a islamic learning centre..الحَمْدُ ِلله now i just need to go to Qalby. I’m also really excited & can’t wait for the future  updates from Qalby ❤️..

Shalin Zulkifli

Former National Athlete