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Can I use QalbyApp without signing up with an email or any social media details?

Yes, you may use some of the basic features offered by QalbyApp like Solah, Al-Quran and Du’a without signing up. However, you will need to sign up to use and access the Q-Journal feature and other personalised functions such as Bookmark, Saved and Hifz in Al-Qur'an and Du'a.

What is the requirement needed to install QalbyApp?

The minimum requirement for the operating system is iOS 14 and Android 6, respectively.

*Kindly update your device operating system regularly and enable the auto-update for QalbyApp for best experience.

I am a first time user! What should I do after launching the app?

For a first time user, a page with setting preferences will appear on your screen (one time only). Choose your Language and Prayer Time Method accordingly before clicking the 'Bismillah' button. Then you are all set to go!


Can I change the current language?

Absolutely! In order to change the app language as well as the Al-Qur'an translation, click 'More' and go to Settings. Under the Settings area,  select 'Language' and choose from the options provided. 

How do I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, click on 'More' button and go to the 'Settings' area. Click on 'Profile Settings' and choose 'My Picture' to upload your new profile picture. You can also click the profile picture area on the Homepage and you'll be directed to the Profile Settings page too.


Why does only blank white screen appear when I open QalbyApp?

Some phones especially (but not limited to) Samsung (J series), Vivo and Oppo might have problems with compatibility and need to be debugged to solve this issue. We recommend you to enable Auto-app updates on your device to receive updates automatically whenever new patches are available to ensure smooth operation when launching QalbyApp. Alternatively, send us an email with information about your phone model at inquiry@qalby.io and we will help you check on this issue.

How do I receive the Daily Push Notification (Daily Inspiration) on my phone screen?

To receive the push notifications, you must first enable push notifications in Qalbyapp. Open QalbyApp and go to the 'Settings' area to turn on the push notifications. You also need to allow notification for QalbyApp on your phone depending on your phone model.


For iOS:

Go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and select Always

Next, on Notification Style > Qalby > Allow Notifications


For Android:

Go to Settings > Notifications > Qalby > Allow Notifications (Settings may vary according to phone models) 

Where can I find all Daily Push Notifications from QalbyApp?

All Daily Push Notifications from QalbyApp can be access inside the app Home page under Daily Inspiration. You can save them by clicking the heart button or you can share them to many other selected third party apps (eg: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp etc) by clicking the Share The Khayr button. Try it today!

Ilm Finder

Where can I browse for classes?

There is a list of free and paid classes that you can find in our Ilm Finder. Click on any poster to get the full details or to register.


The Islamic Date is different from my place. Why is that?

Our Islamic date is based on JAKIM thus, you may see different dates according to your geographic location. Kindly check with your local religious center/ institution if there is a difference in the matter.

Why is my prayer time still the same after I updated to the latest version of QalbyApp?

To get the latest prayer times, you must allow Location for QalbyApp and kindly enable the Auto-Detect Location and Recommended Settings in the Solah settings page.

I still feel that the prayer times for my location are inaccurate even when I have enabled the Auto-Detect Location. How do I solve this?

You may solve this issue by disabling the Auto-Detect Location in the Settings area. Next, click on Location and search for your location by using the search bar function


For iOS: Press and hold on to your location on the map for a few seconds

For Android: Double tap to zoom and double tap (with 1 second pause in between) to pin your new location

I no longer receive adhan notifications. Why is that?

For Android users especially Samsung users, there is a need to check the battery saving feature in your phone settings. If you rarely open the QalbyApp, it will be included in the deep sleep app lists that cause notifications not to be received. Kindly add QalbyApp under the Never Sleeping Apps to change this setting.

What should I do to receive the adhan notification for prayer time?

To receive adhan notifications, you must enable push notifications for QalbyApp on your phone (search for Notifications settings/ App permission : depending on your phone model) as well as on QalbyApp.


Go to your Settings app of your phone and click on Notifications. Select QalbyApp. Make sure that the notifications are allowed. Next, set the Azan notifications for prayer of your choice by selecting any prayer on QalbyApp. Upon upgrading, all prayer notifications are set to silent mode. You can now change and select your preferred muadhin for each Solah.


Here’s how to:

  1. Click on one prayer (e.g.: click on Fajr)
  2.  A list of muadhin will appear on the screen,  choose your preferred muadhin (e.g.: click Akbar Azmi)
  3. When you go back to the Solah page, the speaker icon is now not in silent mode anymore. (This means you have successfully enabled the azan as notification for that solah).
  4. Continue doing the same with other Solah.


*Caution: Do not just click play to listen to the azan, you must click the name of the muadhin to enable the azan notification.

Why is my adhan too short and not working anymore?

For iOS: Apple has set a limit of 30 seconds only for sound notification.

For Android: There is a need to check the Battery settings too especially the Adaptive Battery, the Battery Saving mode, the third party Battery Saving app, the Whitelist app etc (names differ accordingly).

Kindly exclude QalbyApp from these settings to ensure uninteruppted delivery of sound notifications. These settings will restrict multiple sound notifications in a day that are deemed unnecessary by the system to save the battery.

If you are using any battery saving app such as Clean Master, please make sure that QalbyApp notifications are not muted there. Turn off battery optimisation for QalbyApp on the Adaptive battery and on the Whitelist App.

You may also need to disable the restriction by choosing to manage QalbyApp manually in App Permission settings.

Why does the Adhan suddenly stop?

For iOS: There is a limit of 30 secs notification set by Apple.

For Android: Adhan notification will automatically stop when you receive another notification from another app or when you pull the notification down from the notification centre.

How can I listen to the full Adhan?

To listen to full adhan, open the Solah notification once it comes in. You'll be redirect to a full adhan page with details of muadhin of your choice.This feature is only available for a maximum of 5 minutes from the time the Solah notification comes in.

Can I choose other sound than adhan for the Solah notification?

You may choose Beep sound as an alternative to adhan for the Solah notification.


1. Go to Solah page.

2. Choose your preferred Prayer Time.

3. Click on the Beep button (at the top of the list).

How can I add the widget to my phone?

For iOS: From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle. Tap the Add button. in the upper-left corner. Select a widget, choose from three widget sizes, then tap Add Widget.


For Android: Tap and hold a free area on your Home screen. Next, tap on Widgets and choose a widget. Tap on Done to save your changes. 

My widget didn't display the correct prayer data. What should I do?

Please allow Location when prompted to be able to get the correct prayer data according to your location.

Why does my prayer time appear as N/A?

You must first enable permission or allow location access for QalbyApp and please ensure your Internet connection is stable. If both are ok and the prayer time is still not available, you can try to kill the app, then relaunch it back


Why does the Qibla feature not function or freeze?

Qibla uses the compass function in the phone so there could be many factors that caused the problem. You must first enable permission or allow location access for QalbyApp while using the app to get the Qibla to function well.

It is recommended to use a Wi-fi connection over mobile data in order to get a better detection of your location or GPS fix. Follow the steps below to get proper calibration for your Qiblah: 


1. Calibrate your phone by making movements in the shape of 8.

2. Make sure the purple arrow points to the Ka'bah. 
3. Once your phone vibrates and the colour of the Ka'bah changes, it means that you are facing to the right direction.

4. Repeat the movements at least 5 times to ensure proper calibration.


*Always refer to you phone's manual or instructions on how to calibrate its compass. However, some Android phones are not equipped with a compass so the Qibla will not work properly on those phones.

Q Journal

The Q Journal Islamic Date and event countdown are different from my place. Why is that?

Our Islamic date is based on JAKIM thus, you may see different dates according to your geographic location. Kindly check with your local religious center/ institution if there is a difference in the matter.

What is Khayr To Do?

Khayr To Do is a list of tasks that you want to complete daily or on a specific date. Create and personalize your own Khayr To Do list today!

How to get started with Khayr To Do?

  1. Choose any date on the calendar
  2. Click the Add + button on the bottom right corner of the calendar and choose ‘Khayr To Do’ 
  3. Click on ‘Add your Khayr to do here..’
  4. Add your to-do details
  5. Click ‘Save This Entry’

What should I do if I have completed my task?

Once you have completed a certain task, you can give the small box a tick. Completed tasks will be removed from the “Upcoming List” and will be added in the “Completed list”.

What is the difference between Reflection and Ilm Note?

Reflection: When you reflect on an event or a situation and want to write about it. 

Ilm Note: When you write down important points and notes from classes you have attended (or any GEMS from our Qalby Shares!) for future revision purposes.

How do I write a Reflection or an Ilm Note?

  1. Choose any date on the calendar 
  2. Click the Add + button
  3. Select Reflection / Ilm Note
  4. Write your Reflection or Ilm Note entry (Title, content etc.)
  5. Click ‘Save This Reflection’ button.

How can I add picture in my Reflection?

On the upper right corner, click on the three dots. You can upload a picture from your phone gallery or by taking a photo directly. Your photo will be uploaded at the top of the entry.

How can I view all Reflections or Ilm Notes that I have created?

Under the Reflection or Ilm Note area, swipe to the right corner of the screen to view all  entries.

How can I delete or edit my Reflection / Ilm Note?

Thinking of deleting unwanted Reflection or Ilm Note? You can do so by choosing an entry and clicking the 'Read More' button. You’ll be given options either to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ your entry permanently. The call is all yours! 

I would like to share my Relfection / Ilm Note. How can I do that?

Share your Reflection / Ilm Note with just one click. Here's how:


  1. Choose your entry 
  2. Click on the 'Read More' button
  3. Tap 'Share' and choose available third party platform to share to.

What is the function of ‘Filter and Sort’?

‘Filter and Sort’ function lets you search and sort your Reflection / Ilm Note accordingly. To start searching for an entry, type in the keywords in the space bar provided or view it by sorting all the entries from the latest or older date.

What is the function of Ibadah Checklist and how to use it?

Ibadah checklist is used to keep your iman and actions in checked. Here's how you can monitor your personal growth:


  1. Click on the Q-Journal section
  2. Scroll down until you see the Ibadah Checklist section
  3. Click the ‘Add New’ button to add and personalize your own ibadah
  4. Click on ‘Save This Entry’ to save any changes made

How can I save and share my Daily Inspirations?

On your Home page, go to the Daily Inspirations area and click the heart icon to save. 

To share your Daily Inspirations, click on the ‘Share’ button and select the platform you  want to share. Try it today!

Where can I view all my saved Daily Inspirations?

  1. Click on the Q-Journal section
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see ‘My Daily Inspirations’ section
  3. Click the ‘See More’ button to view all your bookmark daily inspirations.

Why can’t I read previous Daily Inspirations?

Daily Inspirations change everyday. Any Daily Inspirations that are not saved will eventually be replaced with a new one. Thus, you would not be able to retrieve and view it back in the future if you did not save any.

How can I remove any Daily Inspiration from the list?

Choose the daily inspiration that you wanted to remove and click the heart icon. Once the heart icon is blank, it means that you have successfully removed it.

Inspirasi (Indonesia Only)

Where can I view all my saved Daily Inspirations?

Click on the "Inspirasi" section and you will see all saved Daily Inspiration here.

Why can't I read previous Daily Inspirations?

Daily Inspirations change everyday. Any Daily Inspirations that are not saved will eventually be replaced with a new one. Thus, you would not be able to retrieve and view it back in the future if you did not save any.

How can I remove any Daily Inspirations from the list?

Choose the daily inspiration that you wanted to remove and click the heart icon. Once the heart icon is blank, it means that you have successfully removed it.


Can I still have the Quran playing even after I have exited the app or on a locked screen?

Yes, you can still have the Qur'an playing on the background even after exited the application or whenever you are on a locked screen.

Is it possible for me to continue reciting my last read ayah?

Yes! You may use the Bookmark feature to bookmark your last read ayah. You can find your saved items by clicking the 'Bookmark' function under Qur'an feature. To use this function, follow these steps below:


1. Open a Surah and click the 'Bookmark' icon to save an ayah

2. To search for your saved items, click the Bookmark button next to the Surah section


*Note that you may now bookmark more than one ayah

Why is the Arabic words in my Qur'an page missing?

For Android: After you have updated your app to the latest version, you need to download the Qur'an file in the Settings area. Here's how:


1. Launch QalbyApp

2. Click More

3. Click on Settings

4. Choose Additional Files

5. Click "Not Downloaded"

6. After finished downloading, you may relaunch the app


*Please note that the download process will be interrupted if the internet connection is disconnected. Hence, if the Arabic words still do not appear, you need to redownload it again.

Al-Qur'an Mubtadi (Indonesia Only)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon.


I cannot find Mathurat in the app, please help!

You can find the selection for du'a of Mathurat in Morning and Evening sections inside the Du'a feature.

How can I create my own playlist?

1. From the Du'a page, choose your favourite du'a.

2. Click the save button to add your du'a to your new playlist.

3. Name your playlist according to your liking.

4. To browse all your playlists, click the 'Playlist' button next to the 'Hifz' button.

How to delete the playlist that I have created?

Choose the Playlist that you wish to delete and swipe to the left side of the screen.

How can I enable transliteration in my du'a?

Having trouble to read some of the du'as? Worry not! You can now enable transliteration to help you with your recitation. On your Du'a page, click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Switch on the 'Transliteration' button and you are good to go!

Qalby Love Letter

I'd love to receive Qalby Love Letter. How do I join the mailing list?

When you open our website, you’ll see a pop up message that says “Subscribe to our love letters.” Fill in the form and you’ll have love letters send directly to your inbox! If you can’t find the pop up box, scroll down till the bottom of our homepage, and click on ‘subscribe here’.

I cannot find Qalby Love Letter in my inbox!

Your Qalby Love Letter may be sent into your other folder like Promotion, Spam or Junk folder. Kindly check these folders and you can move it into your Inbox using Move to function.

Qalby Community

How can I access Qalby Community from QalbyApp?

To access Qalby Community from QalbyApp, click More button and select Community. You will be directed to the Mobile Version of Qalby Community. Give it a try today!